Hey beautiful people, I'm Katy

I lead openly, vulnerably and passionatley to those desiring to FEEL and BE in the body. I work with women/men/couples world wide on reclaiming their inner power, overcoming sexual difficulties, creating deeper connections and increasing pleasure, all from a non-judgemental space. 

With an extravagant background, I'm here to shine light, create space and support your journey with education and entertainment at the level you desire.

It's time to let go of the mind and be in your body.


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“I have gained so much self worth and confidence since meeting and working with you. Both through sexual desires, general day to day life and self care ” - Evie


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It's time to step out of your MIND and into your BODY

Breathwork releases blocks stored in the body, connects you to your inner self and a journey of self-discovery as light or as deep as needed. No breathwork journey is ever the same, we work with what ever is alive in the moment and calling you forward. Breathwork in the bedroom increases intimacy and connection, opening space for explorations of ones self and/or your partner. 

Sensuality Practices invite you to open your inner world and body rather than your mind, the body stores a lot of answers. We use practices to calm the mind, awakening the sensations of the body and communicating with whats alive that may be holding you back from your true self. The practices bring awareness to your body by shifting through stored emotions and anxiety and creating space for your energy to bloom. 

New to Non-Monogamy? 

Katy openly shares her swingers lifestyle and erotic bi-sexuality adventures that you can learn from with a base of chemistry, communication and safety. Katy has created a sex-positive community where she shares the mess, the passion and coaching for both men and women.

With over 100 videos, Katy prides herself on raw organic ethical content with realistic depictions of sex, including people with diverse body types, non-monogamous relationships and real female pleasure.

Here you will have an outlook of a first time swinger swap, first ever threesome and more, embracing what real sex can look, feel and sound like.

Leading the way .. 

Katy and husband Robbie Oz who is Australia's #1 Male Adult content creator and Sex Coach tour Australia with the adult extravaganza SEXPO hosting at the popular Sex Education stage alongside other sexuality leaders.

Robbie Oz and Katy have incredible online courses that will add more intimacy and create deeper connection in and out of the bedroom, using breath, sensuality and sexuality practices.

Couples Massage - Ultimate Squirting Guide - Tantra for Couples - Better in bed

Discount code on all courses : KATY

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Do you spend too much time in your mind?

Here are Katy's favourite 10 TOP tips supporting you to be 
fully in your body and enjoy the pleasure, calmness and peace you deserve. The top 10 tips can take as little as 10 minutes with the focus being truly on the feeling of the now. 

This downloadable PDF will support you to FEEL, BE in your body and CALM the racing mind!


Meet others in the lifestyle

Looking to meet like minded swingers in the lifestyle?

Join Katy's online Facebook group and connect with others worldwide, whether you are single or in a relationship.

Eager to explore but unsure where to start? This is for you!

Feeling stressed?
Try this with me 

Box Breathing is an amazing breath to release and relax, centre yourself and shift your state 

It takes 60 seconds
Sit comfortably placing one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach and close your eyes. 

1. Inhale through the nose for 4 seconds
2. Hold your breath at the top for 4 seconds
3. Exhale through the mouth for 4 seconds
4. Hold your breath for 4 seconds

REPEAT for 1/3 minutes and work your way to 10 minutes. Notice the body and mind relax


Its Katy Fit will be hosting numerous workshops at the clothing optional resort ' HEDONISM' in Jamaica - January 6 - 13th 2024

With a 7 day focus on health, wellness and sexual liberation Katy will be educating and supporting attendee's to look and FEEL their best, from the inside out. No more jealously, no more judgement - pure enjoyment

Accomodating over 500 people from the lifestyle community, this sensational event is created for the open minded, to learn and play.

Katy, one of Australia's top leading sexuality experts will be bringing the sensuality and fitness to the undoubtedly largest fittest party in the lifestyle. 

The week will be jam packed of events and activities never seen before! 

Keen to play? Meet new people? Learn more lifestyle skills? Grow yourself? THIS IS FOR YOU!


From Kindergarten teacher to Sex Coach .. 

Katy Bampton was leading a vanilla life as a kindergarten teacher. That is until she had a 7 person, 3 couple orgy with the parents of the kids she was teaching.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Katy is now one of the bigger voices on social media when it comes to the Swinging Lifestyle and Non-Monogamy. She is also a Sex Coach who is married to a pornstar. Together they host Swinger Parties and retreats. But how EXACTLY did she come this far? Has she always been curious about Non-Monogamy and Swinging, or was this something she became interested in after the orgy?

Katy also talks about the role jealousy can play in an Open Relationship, how to reframe it to your benefit, the work it takes to be in a Non-Monogamous Relationship, the incredible amount of pleasure you can have with Non-Monogamy, and what a Ladyboy is and why she finds them so attractive

What my clients say .. 

I'm passionate about holding space for ALL women to be seen and heard

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“My sex life improved!”

“I no longer am in my mind when in the bedroom, I use my breath and I'm present in my body and it has improved mine and my partners sex life so much" Belinda

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“Such a blessing!”

“Katy guided me through what I didn't realise would be an emotional yet wonderful session. She made it feel really empowering for myself and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Her knowledge and nuturing energy tie in so beautifully together that it creates a truly wholesome experience"  - Kelsey

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“New perspective!”

“Your openness, sharing and vulnerability allowed me to be me, I have a different perspective and continue to create new pathways internally. I feel so light ”  - Sally

Looking to create and FEEL more intimacy?

Are you committed to having a long term deep connection with your partner in and out of the bedroom?

If you are ready to go deeper, and to explore real intimate connection with your partner, then this is for you!

The courses will truly take your relationships to a new level as you explore your deepest desires, and learn how to communicate and fulfil them with your partner.


  • 10 detailed videos that will equip you with everything you need to know to give your partner the gift of touch
  • ​​Build deeper love and intimacy with your partner
  • ​​Let go of the goal-oriented pleasure and sink into the sensual
  • ​Learn specific massage tools


  • From self pleasure to Tantric Sex, we will take you on a journey of discovery that will transform your relationship with yourself, and with your partner. 
  • ​​Real life demonstrations
  • ​​Tantric Sex
  • ​​Tantric Massage Breakdown
  • ​​Elemental touch
  • ​​Ways to deepen intimacy with a partner
  • ​​Tools to connect deeper with yourself

Have you ever Squirted?

Squirting is a full body release for a woman, women hold a lot of stored emotions and trauma in the womb and this is a great way to let go.

Katy and Robbie Oz have created the ULTIMATE SQUIRTING GUIDE which includes 5 detailed step by step tutorials on how to make a women squirt and give her the best possible experience - All from the ideal set up, the positions and after care.

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Splash Blanket is the world's first luxury, waterproof blanket.

Splash Blanket’s can hold up to 1L of liquid and really take a pounding (literally!). They are machine washable and are made of very durable materials that feel soft, sexy and add a little something extra for those of us that like a sensory experience.


Here's our 3 favourite top tips to add more pleasure and sensation in the bedroom

Food play, sensation play, breathwork are examples of ways to create a deeper connection and yumminess in your relationship. 



From being a married women in the swingers lifestyle to creating ethical content to the fun stories that will blow you away to navigating insecurities 

We discuss what it’s like being married to a porn star and we answer all of your spicy questions, we also tell you about the time Rob made me squirt in front of 100 people!!

Instagram - @itskatyfit
Youtube - robbieozandkaty
Tiktok - @itskatyfitswingerslife

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With love and light

Katy xx